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PHARMATÉKA PREVENTIVE KFT. was established in 1995. Our core activity encompasses production special feed additives.
Since Hungary's EU accession we have increased our R&D and production activities on an ongoing basis. Our company plays a major role in development and trade of medicine-free preventive substances.
Special feed additives, natural immune stabilizers, chelated micro elements, biological anti-diarrhea products, liver protecting agents, retarded products, and by-pass preparations are produced in our feed production plant for our partners both in Hungary and in other European markets.
Our goal is to develop new, efficient, special additives that render superfluous to use medicines in animal husbandry. An example for such an additive is, for instance, the feed additive called DSP the use of which is a solution to prevention and treatment of swine dysentery. The activities of our company are managed and performed by a team of highly-qualified professionals (pharmacists, chemists, veterinary surgeons, and economists).

The management of PHARMATÉKA PREVENTIVE KFT. is firmly committed to enforce the principles expressed in our quality policy.

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Dr. Hutásné Kovács Annamária
managing director
Dr. Hutás István
managing director