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Zinc chelate of glycine (E6)
Corn-cob mill

CONCENTRACE / 1 000 g:
Zinc:250 000 mg
The min. 85 % of the contents of trace element in chelatizated form.

DESCRIPTION: Owing to the chelate complex formed by zinc and glycine, as well as to the yeast protein and the glutamic acid being present, the absorption of zinc from the intestines highly improves.
The zinc is the structural element of more than 120 metalloenzymes in the organism. Takes part in the synthesis of the nucleic acids and proteins, therefore in the growth, healing of wound, and in development of spatial structure of the insulin.
Due to the low or deficient zinc content of the feedingstuff, the following deficiency diseases may occur: parakeratosis, epithelial regeneration disorders, feather formation disorders, disorders of reproduction, reduced hatchability, osseous system development disorders; in its absence the tissues with rapid cell division will be harmed.

RECOMMENDED USE: For assuring the micro element supply, it is especially recommended for domestic animals with slightly acidic digestion in the stomach (piglet, calf, horned cattle), as well as for utility animals having gizzard. Can also be used for production of bio feeds.

TARGET ANIMAL: Domestic animal of porcine species, horned cattle, sheep, goat, poultry, horse.

HOW TO USE: Mixed in feed.

DOSE: Based on unique recipe, with not more than the maximum ion content specified for feedingstuffs in the Hungarian Nutrition Code. The maximum zinc content of the feed fed by the animal may not exceed 150 mgs per kg feed.


STORAGE: At room temperature. In a dry place, protected from light, placed on pallet.

DURABILITY LIMIT: 12 months counted from the manufacturing date, in original sealed packaging.

PACKAGING: 20 kg, in bag.