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By striving to satisfy market demands Pharmatéka offers a wide range of services, in addition to manufacturing its own products.

Our services:

Services associated with manufacturing of medications and medicated products:

  • Manufacturing of medicated feed based on a veterinarian's prescription;
  • Making calculations and recipes;

Services associated with manufacturing of feed-additive premixes and supplementary feedingstuff:

  • Production of premixes and supplementary feedingstuff within the framework of job processing;
    Types of feeds that can be produced:
    Water soluble powders that can be mixed into the feed
    Liquid preparations
    Micro capsule
  • Development and preparation of the manufacturing technology;
  • Cooperation in manufacturing new products;
  • Making calculations and recipes;
  • Make the analytical and stability tests required for the manufacturing carried out by accredited laboratories.


  • Procurement according to need of the raw materials, active agents, vehicles, and packaging materials.


  • We have the ordered goods shipped to the desired address, as agreed.