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Pharmatéka Preventive Kft.'s
mission statement, policies
and codes of conduct

With its activities and products, Pharmatéka commits itself to serve animal husbandry and animal health so that it maximally promotes with its products the animal welfare on the one hand and loads with the use of its preparations the environment and the human organism to the minimum possible extent.

In order to accomplish its goals keeps carrying out research for development of products that

  • are getting utilised — mixed in the animal feed — in a biologically most effective way in the animal organism;
  • assist to harmonize physiological functioning of the animal organism even under large-scale farming conditions;
  • enable to prevent several animal diseases, and so, also several zoonoses (infectious disease that can be transmitted from animals to humans).

In the course of its development work, it pays special attention to that the production technology and composition of its products will not have any detrimental effect even to the slightest possible extent on the human and animal organism, as well as on the environment. For achieving these goals:

  • seeks and uses environmental solutions that can also be implemented in the practice, as well as energy-saving production and operation technologies;
  • carries out research and development work in order to find new, more efficient and energy-saving production technologies for its products;
  • is committed to seek for the opportunities of the medicine-free prevention in order to improve with its developed dedicated products the animal welfare, as well as to reduce medicine consumption in the production of food of animal origin, and this way, to mitigate the negative impacts threatening the human health and the environment.

Dr. István HUTÁS
General Manager