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Seat: H-1089 Budapest, Delej utca 37. mfdsz 2.
Phone: +36 1 4220830, E-mail:                                                            

Seat: H-1161 Budapest, Alsómalom str. 41.
Phone: +36 1 4220830,                                                                   


Pharmatéka Preventive Kft. established in 1995 is engaged in production and distribution of feed additives and premixes, as well as food supplements. The production background operating in compliance with the requirements of FAMI-QS quality management systems enables our Company to provide high quality products to our customers. Our business strategy focuses on "problem solving," that is, our products and services are tailored to our partners' special needs and we implement the possible most profitable cooperation in production. Pharmatéka Bt. offers its products not merely in themselves but also prepares and combines them according to the partners' needs (prepared and combined according to special, unique recipes).

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Dr. HUTÁS István